Positively Impacting People is our priority

In order to accomplish this, we’ve made a promise to utilize at least 51%
of all profit this website generates towards an “Acts of Strength Fund” geared towards
positive impact in the StrengthMovement Community.


Acts of Strength Fund

How it Works:

100% of Affiliate Profit

We want to recommend quality products to the people who will benefit from them, but don’t want those recommendations to be swayed by financial gain for us. 100% of affiliate link profit will go into the Acts of Strength Fund.

51% of Apparel Profit

Apparel will provide an avenue to further build, support, and encourage our incredible community. It’s one way we can spread encouragement and celebration around growing stronger. 51% of apparel profit will go into the Acts of Strength Fund.

The other 49% of profit from Apparel will go towards community outreach and website development/concept costs. We will not personally profit from these sales. For more information on affiliate links you can read this: AFFILIATE LINKS.

Some of the things we fund


Gym Memberships

Growing Stronger is often influenced by having access to proper facilities. Funding gym memberships is one way we can give back.

Product Giveaways

Spreading love through giveaways and rewards is always good. We will frequently have product/apparel giveaways.

Random Acts

Small, random gestures can drastically impact someones day. We want to increase the frequency of these positive acts.

We’re also intimately involved with The Muscular Dystrophy Association, and will be brainstorming ways to best use our influence and Acts of Strength Fund to support those battle muscular dystrophy and muscular-debilitating diseases.

Have Acts of Strength Suggestions?

We would love feedback and suggestions on ways we can use this fund to benefit the community.